R e f o r m u l a t e // Zoom in

This project was born quite randomly. My Wi-Fi was just working slowly and Google could only show me previews, so basically this is how artworks from some of world's most famous photographer look, according to Fastweb. 
But it's impossible not to notice how some countries are more easily identifiable for a specific range of colors, supporting the theory that color is a fundamental part of people's identity, one of the oldest ones.
Color is communication, recognition; a pure and complete language.
Therefore, this also demonstrates how human mind and machine work in a similar way: simplifying and juxtaposing elements that define a certain whole. 
Here color is the ultimate element, the final point. 

 Alex Webb (USA)
Arko Datto (India)

Federico Patellani (Italy)

Fracesco Jodice (Italy)

Gabriele Basilico (Italy)

Guido Guidi (Italy)

Hamada (Japan)

Haruhiko Kawaguchi (Japan)

Jake Stangel (USA)

Lindsay Addario (USA)

Luigi Ghirri (Italy)

Mario Cresci (Italy)

Nishant Shukla (India)

Otsuka Chino (Japan)

Ren Hang (China)

Rinko Kawauchi (Japan)

 Shiga Lieko (Japan)
Sivan Askayo (Israel - USA)


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